This is great. Mitt Romney raps to Eminem.

wrong text...hilarious!

Hahaha that's genius!

From MAD's "Mitt Happens Dept.": Mitt Romney vs. Mr. Burns

Mitt Romney has Mom Jeans


Real men play football in the rain or snow, BUT not the dark cause it's scary. Hahaha wow. I thought y'all were men....

Omfg yes..

Don't just stand there...

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For reals

Average cost of a hip replacement in the US. It's sad, but this little ditty made me laugh hahah. Sounds like a good trip to me, minus the whole hip replacement thing :)

Hahahahahahaha! This is amazing!

Real life

Today I learned that Koalas are basically real life Gremlins, don't get them wet! HAHAHA

▶ "More Mitt" — A Bad Lip Reading Soundbite - YouTube

Just saving people time


This is so funny!

I need to print this off and post it in the house. My kids will memorize it, then I can just call out the color and they'll know exactly where they stand. Hmmm what color should, "shhh. This is mommy's special time with her wine." be?

~ too funny!