This is great. Mitt Romney raps to Eminem.

wrong text...hilarious!

Hahaha that's genius!

From MAD's "Mitt Happens Dept.": Mitt Romney vs. Mr. Burns

Real men play RUGBY in the rain or in the snow... but not in the dark! This made me laugh more then it should have...

Omfg yes..

Don't just stand there...

For reals


Hahahahahahaha! This is amazing!

Lol. Oh this is a real gem XD

Real life

Obama called Romney.

Today I learned that Koalas are basically real life Gremlins, don't get them wet! HAHAHA

Just saving people time


when i walken

This is so funny!

I need to print this off and post it in the house. My kids will memorize it, then I can just call out the color and they'll know exactly where they stand. Hmmm what color should, "shhh. This is mommy's special time with her wine." be?

~ too funny!