Braided Mohawk

LOVE THIS HAIR STYLE! Would consider actually shaving the sides of my head if I knew I could do this every day. Long Hair updo with undercut/ shaved sides. Orange and red color


Buzzed sides, 'mohawk' braid - Avani's style, but with slightly more hair, enough to do a few tight braids woven with her tungsten chains


Collab with my educational partner I did this little cornrow with some big curls placed on top and Jay did this dope root shaded gray and hair cut action. Modeled by by theconfessionsofahairstylist

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Hairstyle shaved

Kelly Osbourne made an appearance at BeautyCon Los Angeles this weekend, showing off her unique & individual style.

Pin for Later: Reese Witherspoon's Red Lip Is Your New Default Weekend Style Kelly Osbourne The back of Kelly's look was even more fun than the front due to an upside-down french braid.