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29 (passion) - I chose a picture of a ballerina not only because I am passionate about ballet, but because I know how the passion overtakes your body once you've fallen in love with the dance, how much it takes to succeed as a dancer, and just how much you really do sacrifice as a dancer.

Ballerina / Bailarina / Балерина / Dancer / Dance / Ballet | natalia Kremen ballet school | pose on stairs with two baby ballerinas watching in tutus

Elena Lobsanova of National Ballet of Canada. You can do this too if you keep ih top shape and eat right!

Yellow | Giallo | Jaune | Amarillo | Gul | Geel | Amarelo | イエロー | Kiiro | Colour | Texture | Style | Form | Pattern | Ballerina

when i was little it was my dream to ballerina. it never happened but theres still something so beautiful and graceful that captivates me

Tempo da Delicadezafrom Tempo da Delicadeza

homenageia todas as mulheres no seu dia

San Francisco Ballet.