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  • Mimi

    A curious dolphin emerges from the sea and gives the dog riding in the boat a kiss on the nose! The playful dolphin swims off and seems overjoyed at having met a new friend.


    Still a better love story then twilight really funny photos - #humor #jokes #funnyimages #funnyanimal #dog #haha #cute

  • Ariel Jeffery

    unlikely animal friendships... Dogs & dolphin best friends


    funny animal memes - dog and dolphin

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Bottlenose dolphins inhabit tropical and temperate oceans throughout the world. Surviving on fish, dolphins work cooperatively to herd and corral their prey to the surface for easier feeding. Dolphins are susceptible to toxins, pollution, and entanglement in fishing gear. Adopt a Dolphin: www.worldwildlife...

A happy dolphin welcoming the day at sunrise!

Just A Dolphin Playing With Some Bubbles. Like the happiest picture I've ever seen.

BJ wrote: "One of the sweetest doggy pictures I have seen in a long time. Gentle, kind and caring. As the 'wee one' seems somewhat afraid. The older more experienced dog seems to know that a great deal of comfort is needed. Humans can learn a lot from watching the animals in the world." ~K~ I agree!

When 2-year-old Peyton Myrick went missing in the woods on Wednesday night, his dog Ash was by his side the whole time. After rescuers searched for almost five hours, Ash would be the one to lead them to the boy.

Here is an example of a dolphin experiencing what many underwater creatures, like the manta ray, experience when caught in fishing wire. | 16 Things We Can Learn From Giant Manta Rays

penguins and dolphins??? could it get any cuter?!

30 Beached Dolphins saved on the beach in Rio de Janeiro - Way to go Brazilians!