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    • Melanie M

      When moving pack your glass plates with foam disposable plates between them. So much easier than wrapping each one in newspaper. (Paper plates would be better for earth)

    • Michelle

      Safely Pack & Move Plates with foam disposable plates - Because foam plates are already in the shape of a plate, it makes perfect sense to use them to protect your delicate glass and ceramic plates. Place one in-between each place to prevent them from chipping or breaking.

    • Rhonda Davis

      Moving Plate Trick - place styrofoam plates between glass plates

    • Jill Flotte

      Pack plates with foam disposable plates between them. So much easier than wrapping with paper. and you'll have the foam plates to use after you move in. No one needs a ton of dishes to do while unpacking! I would use paper plates rather than foam - just put 2 or 3 in between (then you can use or recycle!)

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