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Real Food and Children

As I’ve mentioned many times before I love Earth Fare (both for their groceries and for their little café), but there is one thing I want to make clear…jus
  • Kristen B

    100 Days of Real Food Blog. Tons of recipes, tips, and meal plans on eating real, clean food.

  • Charlotte Stallone Grudzinski

    100 Days of Real Food Blog - tons of healthy recipes and meal plans using unprocessed foods!

  • Amy Bellamy

    Lisa Leake - Whole Foods Blog (cutting out processed foods)

  • Krystal Moore

    Clean Eating and No Processed Food Blog & Recipes- Tons of Healthy Recipes

  • Korina Zimmerman

    Cut out processed food with the 100 Days of Real Food challenge. Been wanting to do this for a while now...

  • Becki Smith

    100 Days of Real Food- recipes, budget ideas, etc on cutting out processed foods.

  • Katie Gerig

    unprocessed food blog..... I've been trying to cut out processed foods!

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Meal plans for 100 days of eating "real" (unprocessed) foods, including shopping lists. Awesome!

Real Food on a Real Budget - How to Eat Healthy for Less by Stephanie Langford

100 Days of Real Food Rules. My friend is writing a blog as she starts to raise her twins with these rules. Good rules to strive for, even if you can for a day or a week at a time. Her blog is at: realfoodsinphilly...

The Dirty Dozen - You can lower your pesticide intake substantially by buying organic when possible for the 12 most contaminated fruits and vegetables.

100 days of real food...all natural non-processed food, GREAT recipe ideas!~Wow. This woman has an amazing web page. I'm very impressed. Can't wait to commit to my clean diet :)

A quick post about why you should cut out processed foods. I haven't made the complete transition, yet. But I feel remarkably better and have lost 15 pounds in the last 3 months as I've moved further away from processed foods into a more 'clean' diet. More exercise has helped too of course.

100 Days of Real Food Rules- So I'm trying out the 10 day Challenge, not quite ready for 100 days yet!

So true about "gluten-free" not always being good for you just because it is "gluten-free..."

  • Sage Kirby

    Gluten is actually considered an irritant to the digestive track, even to those who don't have a strict intolerance to it. the levels of the protein (gluten) in our wheat today are far higher than they were 200 years ago. eating bread from then would be better then the bread of today. that's also why Spelt has lower gluten levels. because it's an "ancient" grain. (hasn't been modified and mass-produced the way wheat has been)

  • Sage Kirby

    so, it is actually a bit healthier to eat gluten free even if you don't have celiacs (which i have)

  • Sage Kirby

    turkey is a healthier, less bad-fat containing meat. the REAL reason turkey bacon isn't healthier than pig bacon is because it's way over processed. the more processed something is, the more nutrients it loses

  • Sage Kirby

    almost all this article is bull crap. where's he science? where's the sources to back them up? "we here believe", ok cool but belief =/= fact. my dad believes in forest spirits, my grandma believes in god, there's no science backing those up either!

  • Sage Kirby

    not trying to put down religion, there no science supporting it, but it hasn't disproved it either. i don't believe one way or another