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  • The Art Femme

    I use this too, classic art teacher. stuff.

  • Donna Smith

    Art Room Classroom Management poster. Show me the Mona Lisa. When I need students to return attention I say Mona to which they reply Lisa and ...

  • Kim Frantz

    Classroom Management ideas for the art classroom

  • Mary Colbert

    For classroom rules

  • Stephanie Lech

    This is a great classroom management idea for the art room! This is also a GREAT art education blog - The teaching Palette - great info for all teachers!

  • XN Tian

    Classroom Signs

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Digication e-Portfolio :: W. Scott Russell :: Classroom Management

Digication e-Portfolio :: W. Scott Russell :: Classroom Management

This file contains printables to help you make the most out of your Clip Chart Management system. It contains awards, parent information sheets, an...

(G) "Classroom Rules" Have a discussion the first day about what it looks like to follow these rules. ie: be ready to learn- be in your seat, quiet and ready with all of your supplies and books you will need.

This "I'm done..." board is a great way to remind students of their choices once they have completed the current activity. By having this posted as a bulletin board or poster within the room, students would have a visual reminder of the acceptable options they have while awaiting transition to the next activity. This procedure would help maintain order as well as keep faster students busy.

Classroom management...Kiddos always need reminders about how to line up. Love the idea of a "4S line"

Classroom management classroom-ideas

FREEBIE: Cool sign to remind students that they should be silent when they should be listening!

Classroom Management Mantra: a good reminder for the teacher. Sometimes you'll get a group of kids who just grind down your nerves; in those situations it's good to remind yourself of these do's and don'ts.

If the class gets all their checks their class gets a sticker...the lead class or classes at end of week get a treat....

Whole class room management ideas. Raffle Ticket Reward System - Sometimes students get into bad habits like blurting out comments or getting out of their seats without permission. They need something tangible to remind them to follow the classroom procedures. I have found that using raffle tickets helps tremendously.

Must Do / May Do...I like that so they can see what they can do once they are done with the necessary things!