COLONIAL MFG CO Longcase Grandfather Clock: CA 1972 in Zeeland, MI. Model 1302, Serial Number 710153. Clock has Metal Face with Raised Arabic Numerals, Handpainted Moon Phase Dial. Westminster Chime. German 3 Weight, 8 Day Time Movement. 82"T. (900-1200)

Austrian/German Grandfather Clock

Grandfather Clock.

grandfather clock

1774-1775 German (Neuwied) Clock at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York - From the curators' comments: "Below the main clock dial are the signs of the zodiac and the phases of the moon. The ring of auxiliary dials indicates the most important cities of the day (clockwise): Philadelphia. / Mexico/ Peking. / Hispahan. / Cas=Bon=Spei. [Constantinople] / Cairo. / Rom. / Lisabon/ / Londen. / St. Petersburg."

Longcase Clock, probably ca. 1675–78 Movement by Thomas Tompion (English, 1639–1713) Case: oak, veneered with oystershell-cut olivewood and marquetry panels of green-stained bone, ivory, and various woods, gilt-brass mounts; Dial: brass, partly gilded and partly silvered; Movement: brass and steel

Grandfather clock

Grandfather Clocks

What time is it?

Grandfather Clock

love grandfather clocks!

Antique Grandfather Clock

Au fil du temps ... Au pays des merveilles #FlowerShop

Little grandfather clock painted by Boy Girl Party - Susie Ghahremani.

grandfather clock

Paris dress form time

Paris time.

For a festive New Year's Eve arrangement, I collect old clocks like these and place them on a mantle or shelf.

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