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    Humpback Whale


    Humpback Whale Gives Show After Being Rescued

    3y Saved to i heart ...
    • Janet Henderson

      amazing display by rescued whale...she reminds us of the connection between all beings in nature...

    • Sloan Nota

      Humpback whale gives show after being rescued. - YouTube. The delighted part comes at the end.

    • Sharon Parker

      Humpback Whale puts on a show after being rescued from a fishing net. Beautiful!

    • Wayfaring Stranger

      ▶ Humpback whale gives show after being rescued. - YouTube

    • Lexy Lawrence

      MUST WATCH....Trying to save a Humpback Whale

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    Beluga Whale...

    Beauties! by Rory Moore. (KO) Mama whale teaching her baby the ropes, what to eat and where to find it, friendly creatures and foul! It's a big job in a huge ocean. So cute.

    literally just made my day! :D

    I want to see this

    Narwhals. . . The Narwhal (meaning "corpse whale" in Old Norse) is a rarely seen Arctic whale. This social whale is known for the very long tooth that males have. Very little is known about this whale.

    Something at night in the open ocean that dances into. View and passes out again. A sign, a spirit, a message, a visitor. Dancing

    Wild Orca

    Orca Whale Mom with calf. (Orcinus orca),...they touch one another often to express comfort and love. They don't wean until they are about two years old, and they stay together in a pod (group) their entire lives.


    baby beluga ♥

    ♥ - Amazing!

    In 2008, amateur photographer Sandra Critelli captured these stunning images of a mass migration of golden Cownose Rays while looking for whale sharks off the coast of Mexico. She said, “It was an unreal image, very difficult to describe. The surface of the water was covered by warm and different shades of gold and looked like a bed of autumn leaves gently moved by the wind.” The photo brings to mind M.C. Escher's tessellations. via Bruce Zurakowski