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Dear Friends! I would like to invite you to a special place, a place with a huge pile of useful information and lots of fun. I created this page to gather all of you together and discuss what we have in common – the taste for beautiful and creatively designed things. And I’m sure we have lots of things in common, we all love creativity and new Web Design trends. If you feel like we really have something in common, welcome to



The most novel bookshelf ideas

If God sent you an invitation, perhaps it would sound like this

A powerful vampire lost deep in his bloodlust, Snow is a savage animal, mindless with rage and a thirst for violence, and trapped with no hope of awakening from an endless nightmare� until a song draws him up from the abyss, restoring his sanity...

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Love the huge pebble shaped planter

built in window seat collections of comfortable built in window seat

Paying rent in a bloated market isn't working for you? Have the piles of stuff you've hoarded in your closets finally forced you to scream: "I'm ready for a purge"? Maybe you just want to live a simple, green life? If you are ready to start thinking about building a...

YES P-LEASE! A HUGE shout out to Jean Joaillerie for the offer, the love and support! Jean Joaillerie, based in Paris, France, is a cutting edge, luxury, eco-friendly jewelry line designed, conceived and owned exclusively by Jan Roberts. Jan creates show-stopping, one-of-a-kind, handmade jewelry and we're excited to wear one of her pieces in an upcoming interview! Jean Joaillerie FB: http// Twitter: @jeanjoaillerie Site: #SFStyle…

I can see this in the dining room..or kitchen. By the way I want to go on the record saying this blog I found this pic from is EXCELLENT and my favorite home decorating blog by far and I've basically been on it all day drooling over the pictures! What else to do when one has bronchitis, huh! :-)