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I won an award at the state fair for my copy of "Starry Night" when I was 10. But now I need to paint this. Lol

The Dark Knight Heels Welcome to world without rules, where the shadows betray you and you long to be saved by the Silent Guardian, the Watchful Protector..the one and only Dark Knight. Ladies, send out your signals in these stunning portrayals of Gotham calling out for their hero. Th...

aquarelle + ink zentangle art ocean | warmth and movement and tranquility. i want someone to be able to sit and look at this with me, and dream about the places we could go in this ocean, to see the sunrise.

from Abduzeedo

Daily Inspiration #978

I don't think it's incredibly elegant, but totally accurate and succinct depiction! Clever!The Joker by HouHouHaHa