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  • Jen Lara + Upcycled Education

    Yarn bombed trees. Who thinks of this stuff? Or has time to knit such magic?

  • Fiona Barclay

    Yarn bombing guerilla knitting street art

  • T I A N A

    Yarn Bombed Trees in Seattle - This is an outdoor art installation titled 'Artificial Light' and was created by Suzanne Tidwell, a Seattle area fiber artist. It's a great merging of design and nature.

  • Sandra Seeger

    Yarn bombed trees in Seattle. love this idea

  • Christine McTavish

    energy healing space ideas - Google Search

  • Marky

    How long do you think it took to yarnbomb these trees? They look straight out of Dr. Seuss!

  • Patrice P

    An art installation by Suzanne Tidwell. Could add color to an outdoor party by using varying or thematic colors of crepe paper streamers.

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Yarn Bombing: The Knit Graffiti Movement. OMG! Seriously?? Can someone do this to one of my trees???

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Once Rainbow said: "I've already seen the whole world, I appear for some minutes here and immediately I have to run to another place... I'm tired, I would like to go on holiday!" In April it was raining with sunshine several times, so Rainbow visited Veszprém and felt in love with the city. There were colorful flowers everywhere and people were kind. From the sky it seemed like a beautiful, quiet little city. As Rainbow was looking around she've seen a lonely tree in a park rounded by red tulips. People were walking hand in hand under him, children were playing near to the tree and Rainbow could hear also the music from the theater next to the park. She was envy for the moveless peace of that tree, for the closeness of people... And she tought: "I want to stand like that tree! I want to be a part of people's life for awhile! This should be the perfect holiday for me!" So Rainbow said goodbye to the sky and came down to hug tightly the tree! (Don't worry, Rainbow's sisters and brothers are still trevelling all over the world and Rainbow will return to work too after the relaxing holiday!)