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    truth :)

    Disney!!!!! LOL! So true!



    This is so true.

    Bahahaha! This is sooo true!!!

    All true! ;)

    True Story.

    It's true.

    so true


    The True Endings of #Disney Tales #Princess #DisneyPrincess

    Yep, definitely feel that way when I travel

    Modern disney princesses

    Lol, Exactly!

    One problem- Belle and Adam are french, it clearly says so. Meanwhile, Jane and Mr. Porter are british, with distinctly british accents. Mr. Porter's accent seems to be one strong enough that he would have had it since he was born. How would Mr. Porter's accent be british is his parents are french?


    yep... Then they have the nerve to get mad at me for making them read it instead of just telling them. All I can think is Next time, dont interrupt my reading.

    I couldn't actually love this explanation of modern art more. I love that modern art is such a riddle.

    Beauty and the Beast