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    Stray, emmamunger: Here’s my Jurassic Park Pin-up Flash...


    Doesn't believe in U.F.O.s

    Its funny to me and things I find interesting.

    a little more ego

    Jurassic World: save the alcohol!


    tastefullyoffensive: (photo by lansingcycleguy)

    googly eyes (gif)

    sistersenshi: Sailor Uranus & Sailor Neptune // Cat & Chrissyphotography by: Carissa IaconoSailor Pluto - Sailor Saturn

    job interviews


    good bitch/bad bitch (gif)


    A student of mine wrote down things I said throughout the year and then presented them to me. I honestly don't remember saying some of these things. - Album on Imgur

    Being forced to talk to relatives on the phone

    Kerry Callen > A Callen Parody

    Massachusetts state flower

    firefly - Imgur

    Cat walks into a bar.

    where have you girls been all our lives - Daria

    Nevada kedavra