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Gemini 6 splashes down 26 hours after launch. Once again a stripped back, gorgeous array of vivid colours, the fact that it’s slightly out of focus just adds to the painterly feel.

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Astronomy Vintage XL Journal

• • • • • Gift Option • • • • • Add A Gift Bag for $3.95 This Astronomy sketchbook is emblazed with vintage illustrations of the “Visible Heavens.” Everywhere you look, the sky is spangled with stars

Orbital Base StationCredit: Adrian MannThe concept of an Orbital Base Station (OBS) was studied to demonstrate that large, highly modular structures could be built in low-Earth orbit, providing accommodation for the crews, protection from orbital debris, continuous internal lighting and propellant storage. Such a facility would enable large ships for the exploration of the moon and Mars to be constructed.

Annie Jacobsen's new book is called Operation Paperclip: The Secret Intelligence Program That Brought Nazi Scientists to America. It isn't terribly secret anymore, of course, and it was never very intelligent.

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Get lost in these fascinating spacecraft cutaway illustrations

Cross section, cutaway, or x-ray illustrations, call it whatever you want, but they're the best way to understand how things work. They are fascinating. In this new Sploid series we will present some of the best cutaway drawings from around the world. The first collection includes 32 awesome spacecrafts.

1968: Soviet scientists examine two tortoises after they returned from a trip to the Moon aboard the Zond 5 spacecraft. The craft, carrying a biological payload including flies, mealworms, plants and bacteria - as well as the two tortoises - looped around the Moon and splashed down in the Indian Ocean a week after lift-off.