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Natural Cat Deterrents for Gardens

Humane Cat Deterrents - For that neighbor's cat who likes to dig up my flower bed! - http://www.alleycat.org/Deterrents

natural cat repellent

Natural Cat Deterrents for Gardens

Use Irish Spring to keep out #garden pests - including squirrels, deer, and mice! #DIY #organic deterrent.

I have got to make one of these for the garden.

Keeping cats out of your garden ... There are several herbs, mustard and pepper mixes and other techniques to keep cats out of gardens that don't involve toxic moth balls ... This mixture is easy to make and can be used anywhere you want to repel cats (or groundhogs, for that matter): 2 parts cayenne pepper • 3 parts dry mustard • 5 parts flour • Simply mix together and sprinkle.

How to keep cats out of your garden

Spices That Deter Cats Many gardeners want to keep cats out of their gardens. Cats, although cute and cuddly, also possess a variety of unwanted traits that may cause a person to seek methods to keep them away.deterrents can be made using everyday items such as spices. These natural methods tend to be much safer and humane than store-bought chemical deterrents

12 Deadliest Garden Plants: Beware of growing these plants around pets and young children.

Hanging Garden-Maybe this is a way that I can keep the snails out of my vegetable plants :)

keep cats away from the sandbox by planting cat repelling plants as a border

DIY ladybug habitat

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Prevent roaming felines from making your vegetable bed their litter box with this selection of deterrents.

How to Grow a Shrub from a Cutting. Also gives 37 shrubs that grow well from cuttings.


Fence garden

Keeping moles and voles out of your garden (and the difference between moles and voles)

How to keep cats out of your gardens