watermelon teapot


Edible Tea Cups by SheKnows. Great DIY decorative dessert for a tea or garden party.

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Watermelon cake by KZ. Learn how to make your own watermelon cake at http://www.vegetablefruitcarving.com/watermelon-cakes/

Tea Recipe: Cucumber-Avocado Tea Sandwiches from Tea Time Magazine.

Kiwi, watermelon, & cheese salad,

Simple and Unique way to serve watermelon

great way to make fruit salad a finger food for a backyard bbq or party

Need to try this…with jello shots!

make for Christmas Eve

cute ladybug crackers

Fruit Baby in a crib...great baby shower idea!

summer party fruit cones//

Apple carving... hearts

This is so neat! Just using a cookie cutter for watermelon slices and adding other fruit! So adorable for our favorite holiday :)

Cute cupcake pot!

Carve a Smile on a Watermelon

Fruit Decoration Kit - Fruit Carving Tools | Gardeners.com

Watermelon cake