Coasters made from terracotta pot bases... Smart. Better than tiles, the water can't drip off the edge this way.

Coasters I made from terracotta pot bases! :]

DIY- cut wine corks in half, hot glue to magnet and now you have cute cork magnets. smart

Coasters made out of terra cotta pot bottoms. I'm trying to find coasters Kelly will be willing to use.

Scrabble Tiles Coasters

A better way to stack firewood. I'm sure this would never have occurred to me.

How to do custom lettering without a fancy machine or carbon paper...i love smart people. So simple even I COULD DO IT :)

AWESOME site to buy scrabble tiles, pendant glass, bales....all the things to create so MANY things....the prices are GREAT! (I am not affiliated with the site, just found it and wanted to remember and share)

Cake Stand!! No Way.......This Is So GENIUS!!! I Must Make Me Some Of These!! Maybe one in every color?

no-sew fleece blanket edging-so much cuter than the knotted edging

DIY radiant heater made from 3 terra cotta pots, 3 inch 1/4" diameter standard steel bolt, and an assortment and assemblage of 1/4" hex nuts, thrust washers, and flat washers. Add a stand and a candle.

DIY Stamped Tile Coaster

Painted Pots

Make your own custom rug out of any fabric you love from the craft store! This is awesome! Can. NOT. Wait to make lots of these!!

scrabble tile coasters

Picture Coasters

Great item for a lot of different DIY projects.

Use Boiling Water To Make A Perfect Wine Bottle Cut