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Oh my goodness this woman!

I don't know why this is so funny but I can't stop laughing

Hmmm... this very well could have been my Mother-In-Law. All they were forgetting was the Marbrolo cigarette with 2 inches of ash hanging out of her mouth!

God I would have died laughing if I was there. Wow, this makes lawyers sound so stupid... I hope I'm not like that whenever I become a lawyer...

AHAHAAA! I could be an attorney if this is all it takes (:hahahaa!

Lawyer vs. Doctor… hahahaha . . . poor lawyers they get a very bad rep.

iPhone10 preview - I don’t know about you but I would totally use this. Still no NFC though.

mirror mirror on the wall...sorry dude, but you are definitely not the fairest of them all

Don't forget the zebra print underwear lol

Found this joke on ifunny though anyone would get a kick out of it

They don’t wait for things to become problems. They tackle stuff HEAD ON: | 19 Reasons Why Kindergarteners Are The Smartest People On Earth