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OMG this is so true ...... I promise to never say those words and stay on your good side lol

glad to be on the 1-1 shift. one week of 7-7 and i forgot what the sun looked like.

Omg yes, or the neighbor's bumping their music, stomping like giants, or the neighbor's chain saw! Ugh! Shut up!

Great thing to remember on those days where you're running around for 12 hours wondering why you thought becoming a nurse was such a great idea!

this one right here is for all the NICU nurses at Baptist in Little Rock @Kathy Barber @Danielle Shook @BrendanandJessie Mason @Brandi Henry @Melanie Batts

Why yes I do marathons... Called the 12.5+hour nursing shift run thrice weekly.

every nurse has one... Doctor or nurse for that matter....

You know you're overworked when you count going to the bathroom as taking a break. Don't I know it!

I probably have already pinned this one. But it's so funny...and true!

Funny Workplace Ecard: Quit being annoying or I'll have you sedated, intubated, and restrained within 5 minutes. Love, your nurse.