The Pajama Elves Story - a Christmas Eve Tradition where elves deliver magical pajamas to good girls and boys that help them sleep soundly on Christmas Eve, so Santa can visit unnoticed.

Christmas scavenger hunt, great idea! New Christmas Eve tradition?

The elves always come by our house with a little early gift on Christmas Eve, and drop off a Christmas Eve Letter from Santa along with it!! Ideas for The Ultimate Christmas Eve Box! & #christmasevebox

Advent Christmas (count down) Bible Verses to read. From December 1st to Christmas Eve

20 Favorite Christmas Stories and Books For All Ages from 320 Sycamore. Can include & utilize with advent & countdown to Christmas calendars.

Loads of fun games to play Christmas Eve or Christmas day

Santa footprints! I have a friend who did this for her son, I thought it was the cutest idea ever.

If you're having trouble getting your children to sleep on Christmas Eve, check out our latest product: Santa's Magic Pillowcase.

LOVE!!As the kids are getting ready for bed surprise them with a ticket to the Minivan Express. Instruct them to grab their slippers and head for the car. Upon entrance to the car, punch the ticket, hand the kids popcorn and hot chocolate. Drive around town looking at all the beautiful lights...and don't forget to play Christmas music!

Strip the Christmas Tree down to white lights and transform it into a New Year's Eve Tree complete with hats and party horns...Great Idea

Website where you take a picture of your tree upload it and pick a Santa to stick in your picture. Proof that Santa was at your house!!! (They also have the Tooth Fairy and the Easter Bunny!)

Magic Elf Seeds--Use tic tacs and sugar. The kids plant the seeds before they go to bed and when they wake up they are candy canes! So cute for Christmas Eve.

Christmas Eve Box -a fun holiday tradition for the whole family!

Refrigerator snowman!!

Elf on the Shelf day to thinking involved, love this

Crepe paper the door for Christmas so they have to bust out when they wake up. Santa's elves did this to make sure they stayed in their rooms. - I need to remember this in the future!

Pin the Nose on the Snowman, so doing this at the Christmas Eve party tonight!

Free Christmas Jokes for the little ones!

cookies for santa fun christmas present idea for Christmas Eve!! Cute since wont see some family on the day of christmas anyways. Possibly for family with kids even older kids they would just be able to make and eat them with "Santa" ;)