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Zuhausen (via #spinpicks)

Zuhausen (via #spinpicks)

Flat Iron Building is considered to be the first skyscraper, New York, New York. 1901-1910 Architect: Daniel H. Burnham Date. 1901-1903 Location Manhattan, New York, New York - one of my fav buildings in NYC

New York City's famous office building, Flat Iron, was designed by a Chicagoan Daniel Burnham. When it was completed in it was considered to be one of the tallest in the city.

Ernst Haas   New York  1953

Ernst Haas – New York City, USA, 1953 On Avenue, New York, pedestrians and buildings reflected almost perfectly in a window Photo Ernst Haas


This is at the intersection of Lonoak Road and Airline Highway - AKA Highway California.

Richard Kalvar 1978 NY

Vacation destination for the Time Thief to visit NEW YORK CITY and see the clock without hands

A long cold walk

Tramping the Kepler, fantastic environment and a spectacular walk.

Ernst Haas.  At such an extreme shot, fog overwhelms the buildings creating darkness and heling the bright lights of the buildings to stand out. Recreation and influence of this image can be the angle of laying on my back and shooting the camera straight above. The rule of thirds is applied.

I love this image, it looks like Gotham City! Extreme angles make the image dynamic. Rule of thirds could be applied, for example the corner of the building in the top right runs alone with line of the first horizontal line.

Ernst Haas  I admire the way in which the composition of this image makes the building look like they are all stacked next to eachother , also the way the reflection of the sun hits the first building.

Color Photos of New York from the Ernst Haas is an Austrian photographer who began shooting color film in it’s infancy. The photographs posted here were taken in New York state during the late and