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watering can waterfall

Garden Outside

Garden Backyard

Gardening Outdoor

Backyard Retreat

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Garden Grow

Tree Benches

Backyard Bliss

What a great way to cover up exposed roots and dirt patches under trees!

Welcome to Yardifyfrom Welcome to Yardify

Potted Water Fountain With Planter

Water Fountains

Florida Fountains

Decor Fountains

Outdoor Fountains

Pot Water Fountain

Potted Water

Corner Water

Outdoor Flr

Outdoor Water

The Potted Water Fountain With Planter is the perfect corner water feature for any space. Featuring multiple tiers of falling water and an adorable little planter for your favorite flowers or greens.

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gravel stairs


Stairway To Heaven

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Heavenly Stairway

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Secret Garden

The O'Jays

The Back



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Vertical Planter Wall

Vertical garden designs to inspire you...

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Dream Can'T

I'd like this in my backyard!

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Diy Concrete Planters Large

Ferns Garden

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Shady Garden

Concrete stepping stones that look like vintage pillows.

Better Homes and Gardensfrom Better Homes and Gardens

Patio Fountains and Ponds

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Patio Fountains and Ponds--site has several ideas with directions on how to build.

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Outdoor water garden just a little fountain is all that's needed

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Gorgeous Greenery

~ garden stairs ~. Heavenly! This! Using recycled concrete slab from patio demolition!

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Recycled Outdoor

Recycled tires outdoor stairs on steep hillside. Imagine them painted a bright color, with lots of plants around. Looks like these might need a railing too!

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Landscape staircase

Potted Pond

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potted ponds: mini water garden oasis...cute!

Creative Water

Unique Water

Ponds Waterfalls

Small Garden Ponds With Waterfalls

Pondless Waterfalls Backyard

Koi Ponds

Small Ponds Backyard

Tranquil Backyard

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Creative water features | water feature a large rock in a pondless water feature

30 Beautiful

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Water feature

Galvanized Tipsy

Galvanized Fountain

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Turvy Galvanized

Recycled Fountain

Galvanized Tub Garden




Combining tipsy planters and garden fountains - this is AWESOME - a galvanized tipsy planter with central fountain feature (watering cans are SUPPOSED to pour water, right?) I love love LOVE this idea!!!

Wading Water

Water Play

Water Sound

Water Fun

Fountains Backyard

Diy Pondless Fountain

Backyard Stream For Kids

Diy Pondless Water Feature

Outdoor Fountains Ideas

I love these fountains because you get the soothing water sound but they are safe for children and pets.

30 Beautiful

Beautiful Stream

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Gorgeous Water

Amazing Water

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Simply Breathtaking

For the hill

Pondless Backyard

Small Grassless Backyard

Grassless Front Yard Ideas

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Outdoor Water Feature

Rock Water Feature

Flower Bed Water Feature

Feature Nice

Pondless Clay Pot Fountain: Would be great for the front patio with some shade loving plants and a seating area

Fountain Gardening

Garden Ponds

Gardening Yard

Rock Garden

Garden Grow

Gardening Angels

Garden Daze

Garden H2O

Future Gardening

Awesome handmade outdoor fountains