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    • Laurie M

      Most of life is like an Iceberg ... you SEE what's on the surface, but the biggest most "interesting & important" part lies beneath! Don't stop at the water line, look beneath it.

    • Britney Colley

      Like this iceberg we can sometimes see others hurting, but we have no idea the depth that hurt goes. Be kind thats all i know to say is be kind to everyone.

    • Jen G

      We can deal with what's showing up, the symptom, but that is just like cutting off the tip of an ice-berg and expecting that what's left will stay below. It takes a lot of energy to keep that iceberg down, and eventually it will re-surface.-Premananda Grace

    • sandpipersong... Connie Shearer

      Amazing!! The tip of the iceberg - This is what we know of people we meet. What we don't know would fill books. Do not be quick to throw away your friends. God knows them better than you, and puts up with their failings every day. And yours.

    • Bethan Wilson

      Iceberg 31/10/2014 - saw this amazing picture and reminded of a preach by james herring. Your relationship with god is determined by the unseen. There is more unseen than seen of the iceberg and this should be true of my relationship with god.

    • Mercedes Núñez

      We are all like icebergs. What don't people know about you that you wish they did? | elementary writing | visual writing idea

    • Vanessa 桜

      Feeling God’s Love For You

    • Kelly Ruffing

      Iceberg. Mother nature is amazing!

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