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  • Lauren Wascom

    Leviticus: biblical contradictions

  • Lolo

    Atheism, Religion, God is Imaginary, It's in the Bible, Bible Verse, Leviticus, Homosexuality, LGBTQIA, Bigotry, Homophobia, Clothes, No Shellfish, No Pork, Tattoos, Hell. So homosexuality it an abomination because Leviticus says so? Guess what else leviticus says is an abomination... OOPS! I guess we are all going to hell together! Weeeee!

  • Liv Tokyo

    I Stand By My LGBT Friends & Family! I'm Not An Atheist But This Is Damn Funny!!

  • Christa Twitchell
    Christa Twitchell • 1 year ago

    Umm im Christian and my best friend is a lesbian so not every Christian is against homosexuality.

  • Marisha Herbowsky
    Marisha Herbowsky • 1 year ago

    Exactly. While the Bible states that it is wrong for a man to be with another man (in most translations), many Christians don't believe in that. Most of the Christians I know are normal people just living their daily lives. It's just that the majority of Christians who are against homosexuality are very loud about it.

  • Lew Herrera
    Lew Herrera • 1 year ago

    Well said, plus the bible has been translated like 2000 times. It might be time to update the book. Put some moden day prophets in there. Like Pope Francis, Orprah and Anderson Cooper. Knowledge is power people ;)

  • Marisha Herbowsky
    Marisha Herbowsky • 1 year ago

    I know. When you consider the world back then and think how differently someone back would translate and write down something said to them versus someone from present times, them the difference would be remarkable even if they were both taking notes from the exact same thing.

  • NosBoss654
    NosBoss654 • 45 weeks ago

    Hey guys, it said there should be no male gay sex, nothing about women

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Let's see: iron chariots, school laws, amputations...what else is "God" helpless against? (Answer: everything. Because he doesn't exist).

Frankly, I'm not particularly fussed about internal contradictions in a work of fiction, but the resulting infograph is impressive.

Contradictions in the Bible poster - taking obsessive atheism to a whole new level. Pedantic as hell, but well done.

Bible contradiction | There are over 400 contradictions in the King James bible.

What is a traditional marriage? Let's ask the Bible!

Atheism, Religion, God is Imaginary, Prayer. Please let me win the spelling bee.

How can Heaven and Hell coexist? I never actually thought of it in that manner before. It's true.

  • Jord .

    yes I am more than content, thanks. Stop trying to 'save' me. I am happy believing the truth about our universe and existence, rather than more fairy tales. Good luck with that.

  • November Rain

    OMG "why must it be proven?" I can't believe someone actually said that. Thanks for helping me reaffirm my atheism and trust in science, dear Christian.

  • Melissa Landis

    Heaven and hell is a choice everyone makes with who they decide to serve during their short lifetime- God or yourself. Everyone is headed to hell without Jesus saving mercy!

  • November Rain

    YAY I AM HEADED TO HELL!!!!!! At least I won't be stuck for eternity with people like Hitler and Ted Bundy. I would much rather be with people like Gandhi and NDGT. I don't give a rat's ass, because I don't believe that heaven or hell exists. If anything, going to church on Sundays is "hell".

  • Alison .

    Bring on Hell! Satan accepts everyone and judges no one. Way better than that "all loving" God. He's a judgemental prick.

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Everyone has the right to believe what they want. If you are a good person then you are a good person. Your religion doesn't affect my opinion on you, your words and your actions do.

  • Sarah Langford

    Yes this atheist pin, it just happened to be the result when I searched Ken Ham (a Christian). You can say what you want but the fact doesn't change. So sorry to bother you Trixie, I know there's not much I can do other then pray sometimes. Hope you have a blessed day.

  • Trixie

    You could have simply scrolled on by. That's what I do with the avalanche of religious crap that's pinned here in every category, no matter how irrelevant. I don't feel the need to insert my atheist views on the boards of believers. Too bad so many believers don't display such common courtesy to non-believers. You can pray all you want, honey. I won't hear it any more than your imaginary friend will. Have a logical evening.

  • Nikole Jalaine

    Ken Ham is a creationist who believes that humans rode dinosaurs like the Flintstones. If that is who you want to represent you as a christian, them so be it, but that doesn't exactly mean we asked for your opinions on religion. Homosexuality is also a way of life, but christians love to flex their muscles when it comes to taking their rights away. Pretty impressive "way of life" you chose for yourself....

  • Abby Riemer

    I too am a Christian, but everyone has the right to practice what they believe. I don't agree with many religions or ways of life, but I will treat you the way that you treat me. Will sinners, according to the bibles definition of sin, go to hell? Yes, I believe so. But that won't make me force anyone into obedience of the Commandments legally. No one needs to feel oppressed, no matter the differences of opinions between the oppressed and the oppressors.

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Atheism, Religion, God is Imaginary, It's in the Bible, Bible Verse, Genesis, Morality, Rape. Bible Literalist presents: Where do you get your morals from? Lot's Story: Bring them out that we may "know" them! No, I won't let you fuck my guests... But you can have my virgin daughters instead!

  • Random Guise

    Nobody ever talks about the true horrors of this story. The Christians say that the Bible should be read in context. And they're right. It should be read with empathy for those who lived in those times and sympathy for what they believed. This particular story is a tiny bit better and a hell of a lot worse than it appears on the surface once it is understood in context.

  • Dustin Rice

    So very true. I tried explaining this very story to a theist. "Social acceptance was different at the time." Oh, so rape is ok as long as it's socially accessible?

  • Random Guise

    In those times, rape was defined as sex without the father's consent. The girl herself had no say in the matter. Even consensual sex would be called rape unless her father had approved a betrothal. And since girls were married by age 14, those virgin daughters of Lot had to be younger than that when offered to the crowd. The story isn't terrible because of what one fictional patriarch did. It's terrible because it was not considered a horror by the people it was originally written for.

  • Cole

    ^YES! If I could like comments on Pinterest, I would thumbs up the comment above...over and over again.

  • W

    Funnily enough, the person who ends up doing his daughters is Lot himself.

Are there loopholes in Leviticus? Is homosexuality really forbidden by the Bible?

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