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  • Jodi Olmsted

    Dream crystals

  • LadyLunaRose

    Crystal Guidance: Crystal Tips and Prescriptions - Dreams. Top Recommended Crystals: Jade, Herkimer Diamonds, or Kyanite. Additional Crystal Recommendations: Smoky Quartz, Ruby, or Amethyst. Dreams are Associated with the Third Eye Chakra. Place Your Preferred Crystal(s) Under Your Pillow or on Your Nightstand to Enhance Your Dreams and Dream Recall Through the Night. Starting a Dream Journal and Writing in It as Soon as You Wake Up in the Morning Also Enhances Your Dream Recall Over Time.

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Crystal Guidance: Crystal Tips and Prescriptions - Love for Self

Crystals for Creativity — Boost your creativity with Citrine, Aventurine, or Carnelian. Wear or carry with you as needed. — Related Chakra: Sacral

Crystals for Addictions — Release addictions with Amethyst, Kunzite, Lepidolite, or Iolite. Wear or carry with you at all times. — Related Chakra: Root


Top Recommended Crystals: Carnelian, Citrine, Rhodonite, or Ruby. Additional Crystal Recommendations: Aventurine, Garnet, Jade, Orange Calcite, or Turquoise. Essential Oils: Rosemary Affirmation: "I am confident in everything that I do. I believe in myself. I am strong." Confidence is associated with the Root and Solar Plexus chakras. Carry or wear these crystals when you're lacking in self-confidence.

Crystals for Happiness and Joy — Affirmation: "I am filled with happiness and I spread joy everywhere I go." Check out this gorgeous multistrand bracelet showcasing Citrine, Sunstone and Smokey Quartz. With a beautiful layered chunky look you can wear it dressy or casual. Either way it is sure to turn heads every where you go.


Crystals for Motivation — Boost your motivation with Citrine, Carnelian, Ruby, or Red Tiger’s Eye. Carry with you as needed. — Related Chakra: Solar Plexus — Affirmation: “I feel alive, energized, and motivated to take on any task in front of me."

for Stress- Get these crystals here