Suelos de cemento que parecen madera

Does anyone know of anyone in San Antonio that does this? I have decided I am not moving until I can afford a house full of this! I just can not get it out of my mind! Concrete floors stained and stamped to look like wood

10 Easy and Inexpensive DIY Floor Finishes

10 Easy and Inexpensive DIY Floor Finishes

Recycled Glass Countertops

Suitable for kitchens, bathrooms, or any other countertop application, GlassSLAB allows you to make an artistic and environmental statement. GlassSLAB countertops are custom manufactured with recycled glass and/or porcelain along with a custo

smart and easy countertop solutions glass concrete countertop diy

how to hide your ugly countertops

Gorgeous recycled glass countertop made with Skyy vodka bottles.

Cobalt Skyy This amazing countertop is made of Skyy Vodka bottles. hard to believe isn't it?

Se ha convertido en una interesante opción muy a tener en cuenta cuando queremos armar o renovar la cocina. Te invitamos a disfrutarla!

Encimeras de cemento para la cocina

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How to Make Concrete Countertops with Glass

Over the last few years many recycled countertops have been emerging on the market. While each has their own advantages, recycled content countertops have many benefits in addition to being eco-friendly. I was recently given a presentation about recycled content countertops — here are some of the things I learned.

The Benefits of Recycled Content Countertops — Green Architect