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So funny because it is so true. I don't even bother with #lettuce or even boxes of #spinach anymore. #Kale is great because it lasts a long time, or I only buy enough spinach for what I am making tonight. #nowaste #waste #kitchen #cooking #meals #sandwich #sotrue #HerSolution

To those of you who tan like crazy. To those of you who make fun of me being white. To those of you who go in the sun and tan without a hat. I shake my head at you, and your ugly skin when you're 40.- a little mean, but its true eventually, Tanning makes you age prematurely along with in my opinion not being prettier than pale skin.


24 Signs You’re A Total Foodie

Funny ecards -

Why I always gave my kids their OWN trees in their bedrooms to decorate themselves. I am a Christmas Tree junkie.

Exactly. This is why my mom (our Troop Leader for Troop 274) took our Girl Scouts to a condo in Destin each year. She made it verrrrry clear, "We don't camp. If you want to camp, there is another troop that camps." ONLY one girl chose the camping!