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15.02.1982-15.02.1987 President Agatha Barbara, Malta Labour M.P 1947-82 and for long periods the only woman in Parliament. Minister of Education and Culture 1955-58 and 1971-74 Labour, Welfare and Culture (Third in Cabinet) 1974-81. In the last period she was Acting Prime Minister on various brief occasions. She resigned as President 2 years ahead of time because Labour lost the 1987-elections. She lived (1923-2002).


The First Woman To Run For President — In 1872

Victoria Claflin Woodhull the first woman to run for President in 1872, a time when most women did not even have the right to vote.

President George W. Bush and President Megawati Sukarnoputri of Indonesia walk along the Colonnade at the White House.

23.11.2003-25.01.2004 Acting Executive President Nino Burjanadze, Georgia 25.11.2007-20.01.2008 Acting Executive President As Chairperson of the Parliament 2001-08 she took over after former President Eduard Shevardnadze was forced to resign as result of a "velvet revolution" after he rigged the parliamentary elections. She has been one of the opposition leaders for some years, since 2003 as President of the Burjanadze-Democrats. In 2007 she aced as President again as the incumbent…

25.07.2007- President Pratibha Patil, India Member of the Government of Maharashtra 1967-78 and 1982-85 as Deputy Minister, Public Health, Prohibition, Tourism, Housing and Parliamentary Affairs 1967-72, Minister of Social Welfare 1972-74, Minister of Public Health and Social Welfare 1974-75, Minister of Prohibition, Rehabilitation and Cultural Affairs 1975-76, Minister of Education 1977-78, Minister of Urban Development and Housing 1982-83 and Minister of Civil Supplies and Social Welfare…

30.12.2002-04.02.2004 Acting President Natasa Micic, Serbia As President of the Assembly since 2001, she became Acting President since the attempt to elect a President failed twice. She continued her duties as Chairperson of the Parliament. (b.1965-).

Ms Agatha Barbara, President, Malta, 1982-1987 [photo: Department of Information, Malta]