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Transit of Venus with a NASA Mercury rocket in view

Exciting Rare Transit of Venus on June 5 – 6

The Transit of Venus by Jan Herold, 2004, wikipedia: A transit of Venus across the Sun occurs when Venus passes between the Sun and the Earth where it can be seen as a small dark disc moving across the face of the Sun for several hours. Transits of Venus are rare and predictable occurring every 243 years in pairs each 8 years apart. The next one is on June 5 - 6, 2012. and then in December 2113 and December 2125. #Venus #Transit of Venus #Astronomy #Jan_Herold #wikipedia

Someone at O'Hare caught this image of a plane taking off with the transit of Venus in the background, so cool!

The “Shut Up ” Gun (Video)

Sun Erupts photo by NASA

Rooftop view from the NYLO Dallas South Side hotel

Fukang Meteorite


Habitable Earth-Like Exoplanets Might Be Closer Than We Think

Hutt Lagoon

Amazing ballet jumps in slow motion. This will astonish you.

ALMA Eyes Most Distant Star-forming Galaxy





Google's art project allows you to see many artworks in museums around the world. This is Van Gogh's The Starry Night.