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Laura Coyne- Education Contributor

Debra Nipp and Amy Hero: appSmitten's Special Needs app Contributors

Andrea Oettinger: Believes in the use of apps to engage children in learning, both in the classroom and at home, [focuses on finding the best ones for appSmitten’s Android users]

Eric Carle’s My Very First App

MathTappers: Multiply - Keep kids on their toes with math facts

Hello Oil Painter- Exercise your Creativity

Traci and Matt Suppa, Travel apps

Carley Knobloch : appSmitten's Shopping Contributor

Krista Colvin: Keeping appSmitten readers organized and productive

Melaine has a keen eye for DIY home design and is all about all things beautiful.

Animal Alphabet HD - Interactive alphabet game

Tory Johnson, Good Morning America's business and career correspondent

Dr. Melina Jampolis, Health & Nutrition apps

Art Set- Pens never run out!

Andrea DiMauro, Food apps

Katie Balla, Family apps