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Breaking Dawn Part I...Those red eyes freaked me out! I knew it was gonna happen, but actually seeing it was unreal!!!

Ok, so I'm not a huge K Stew fan...but her as was pretty awesome

Breaking Dawn part 2.. i cried, screamed, and almost died... love this movie!!!

The Twilight Saga Breaking Dawn Part 2: Renesmee Cullen

Eclipse Setting the date for the Wedding and Edward putting the ring on her finger.

We'll never let anyone hurt you - Bella quote fan edit You don't want to get in the way of a momma and her child

Breaking Dawn part 2 ~ Edward and Bella

Edward : Bella your beautiful were the same tempture now (Bella grabs him and pulls him into a hug not know how strong she is) Edward: um Bella your a lot Stronger then me right now it's your turn not to brake me (She lets go) Bella : I love you Edward: I will always love u

Breaking Dawn Part 2. Far better than Part 1, which was laughably bad. The first 2/3rds of the movie were pretty dull, with the exception of Charlie's few scenes. The last 1/3rd was pretty decent. Action. Humor, Some surprises. Good ending to the series.

"Breaking Dawn Part 2" premieres :)

"Now he tells me." lol I wish Garrett's speech scene hadn't been cut out. I guess the new scene took that place. lol Also, where was Kachiri? Why wasn't she with Alice, Jasper, Nahuel, and Huilen? And Zafrina and Nessie's friendship should've been shown more. I don't even think Zafrina said one word and she was my favorite. :(