Sewing pattern for a great baby shower gift -- a baby bath apron towel! Makes it much easier getting those slippery babies out of the bath... Such a great idea!


Make a Baby Bath Apron Hooded Towel

Great idea for a baby bag. This is genius.

for a baby girl

I had one, best thing ever!!

Portable Fabric Highchairs for Baby Girls & Boys! Where the hell were these when I needed them?!?

Wow, genius!! I will want some of these. o.o

instructions to make a great idea to use for a baby or small animal bath time Bath Towel Apron |

Pre-order your Shopping Cart Hammock™. Okay. I don't have a baby anymore, but I'm pinning because this thing is brilliant!

Sew....making this....DIY BEACH WRAP....Love this project.

30 Unexpected Baby Shower Gifts That Are Sheer Genius - ...

Door Whisperer. This one is on etsy for $9.99, but I know I could make it myself.

Baby bath apron tutorial.

A Real Arm Saver – DIY Infant Carrier Handle Cover! What a genius idea and a great gift idea for baby showers!

baby fashion

"The Bibabath allows you to make your shower into a baby bath. Baths are SO much easier with infants than showers, to the extent that I can

The Sunbathing Companion

My 2.5 year old loooves this! My 1 year old mainly just tried to eat them, but he also liked them. We used 4 noodles originally. We cut them all into similar sized pieces except for two pieces. We made two of the pieces long (maybe a foot or so each). My 2.5 year old acts like those are trains (and other things). I didn't think 4 was enough, so we went out and bought 5 more but have not cut them up yet. We would definitely recommend!

Shopping cart hammock. Want! So much better then the idea of lugging in the car seat and a toddler… Or lugging out groceries, toddler, and car seat. :(

Full Coverage Nursing Shawl Tutorial