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    I totally want to do this.


    just died.

    Dad joke...ahahahahaha @tiffany holbrook this is what dad should get mom for their anniversary hahaha


    best one yet.

    I WANT one. Haha, this is just brilliant! |Humor||LOL||Funny pictures||Doormats||Funny doormats||Funny signs|

    verrrry trueee. sad, but true

    CRACKS ME UP.....Bill Clinton: Miss Me Yet? I still remember my Uber republican SMU roommate CRYING when Clinton won...saying: You JUST DON'T UNDERSTAND....HE'LL TAKE ALL MY FAMILY'S MONEY......." and I watched her have a meltdown, as giggled a little inside. I'd take Clinton a million times over what we have now...

    The strongest argument for gay marriage

    Kills me every time!!

    Put the Hatorade down everyone...I'm awesome and I can't help it ;)

    The art of Trolling. Brilliant!! Great April fools ideas

    this CANNOT be a coincidence.



    no, you're awesome Bill