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Pie Charts of Van Gogh Paintings

Arthur Buxton, a UK-based artist, likes to explore new ways to look at things. His color-study pie charts of famous Van Gogh paintings track which hues the famous one-eared man used most — and it's...
  • Ingrid Elmann

    Pie Charts of Van Gogh Paintings, color schemes

  • Rosie Draper

    This image is a graph that distributes the colours in a pie chart. Here’s one from Arthur Buxton’s blog. It converts 28 Van Gogh paintings into sector graphs showing the percentages of the five most common colors in each painting. #colour #vangogh

  • Mollie Katie

    Vincent Van Gogh Painting Color Palettes As Pie Charts! ... #DoctorWho

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Vincent van Gogh, Pine trees at sunset c.1889 by f_snarfel, via Flickr

Vincent Van Gogh daguerrotype by Victor Morin (an assertion which several experts agree on. Or is he a doppelganger/look-a-like?)

A favorite of mine by VanGogh. He has always personally inspired me and my love of painting.

color palette (to get me away from blues aquas and greens all the time)

Love the muted colors in this! And that vintage soft look is gorgeous!

Vincent van Gogh aged nineteen, 1873 Wow! Benedict Cumberbatch could play him very easily...

A great bold nautical look. Soft greens and blues always look great in a beach home but I like the bold blue as accents as well. #capecodbeachhouses #capecod #beachcolors

Vincent van Gogh, (Dutch, 1853–1890). The Flowering Orchard, 1888. The Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York. The Mr. and Mrs. Henry Ittleson Jr. Purchase Fund, 1956 (56.13) | This is one of a series of fourteen blossoming orchard paintings. That it includes a scythe and rake makes it one of only two orchards that allude to human presence or labor. The motif and Van Gogh's stylized treatment are related to Japanese prints #spring

Vincent van Gogh, self-portrait Pencil 19.0 x 21.0 cm. Paris- January-June, 1887 F 1379, JH 1196 Amsterdam- Van Gogh Museum.

Vincent van Gogh - Le Moulin de la Galette, 1886, Paris, oil on canvas, private collection. There are several paintings with this same title.