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For my sisters again! doodling in color - I did this in grade school! Loved it then, why not now.

Dynamic Shape composition with Color Gradient fills in oil pastels

Colorful art project for kids. Rainbow squiggle line drawing.

from Teachers Pay Teachers

Art Lesson Plan Form grade 1 through 5, Virginia 2013 Standards

3D illusion painting. Would work for tints and shades mini lesson

Warm and Cool color project with value!

Picasso warm/ cool portrait project This may be a good alternative assignment to the college assignment that I was thinking about. It would be teaching warm and cool colors as well as Picasso.

Art Projects for Kids: Abstract Oil Pastel Cat, Mrs. Katz and Tush - good math lesson on fractions and geometry

Fake Tie dye. Quick lesson using oil pastels and old erasers. Good for relief teachers or quick, calming end of year lesson