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    • Heather Rebhann Failyer

      made me laugh b/c it's so true!! I do this to my kids b/c it's a lot easier and works a lot better :)

    • Karlene Hicks

      Just speak very low and quietly through gritted teeth while seeming to smile and explain EXACTLY what consequences the child will be facing when you arrive home if they do not stop the offending behavior this instant. My kid's call it the "scary mom voice" and it works.

    • Janet

      Quote "Don't yell at your kids..."

    • Morgan Barnett

      true story.. kids at my daycare know its serious when Im not yelling anymore and my voice is real low in their face..

    • Gretchen Staley

      Ohhhh Yeah.... Gotta remember this one! So true lol

    • Jory Seegers

      Parenting tips need to remember this one for way in the future!

    • Tricia Blair

      Funny stuff and so true!

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