• Bon Pary

    DIY wrapping paper. leftovers from the stamp-making-process: snippets of printing plates + second quality wood blocks. (diy alternative: you can use snippets of foam for example) those two combined make a wonderful playground for patterns. it’s my man’s nephew birthday today, so i made some wrapping paper out of recycling paper i use for my order packagings. would love to see it in various colours on some textiles. :: this method could be transferred to fabric with the right paint!

  • Gitte Venicx

    PATTERN STAMP (bastisRIKE) - make a stamp for paper goods, ties everything together

  • Sarah (whynoteight.wordpress.com)

    pattern stamp (bastisRIKE) wrapping paper

  • Seah Yi Lin

    Patterned stamps! Make your own with blocks of wood and erasers

  • Cristina Andrade

    10 Unique DIY Wrapping Paper Ideas For The Holidays

  • Frida's Peach

    Multi-stamping made easy. DIY stamp in graphic pattern.

  • Elizabeth Suzann

    geometric prints

  • Hans Schlawiner

    PATTERN STAMP using leftover scraps and cutoffs from handmade stamps (foam, eraser...)

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