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Wicca 101 - Herbs & their Magickal Properties

The Magickal Properties of Herbs

Herbal Properties

Concerning the Magical Properties of Herbs & Oils

Herb Magick

Magickal Herbs

Mr. Scott Cunningham’s All-Purpose Spell: “Write or make a symbol of your need on a piece of paper cut into a triangle. While visualizing your need, place the appropriate enchanted herbs in the center of the paper and crumble it tightly so that the herbs are trapped inside the paper. Anoint with oils if you wish. Build a roaring fire in a n outside pit or indoor fire place. Throw the herb packet into the fire. As it touches the flames firmly visualize your need.”

Herbs Correspondences | Sacred Wicca

Hanging Copper Cauldron.

Here is a list of 38 common herbs you should try to memorize. They can be invaluable to you for their convenience, low price and effectiveness. These herbs are both reliable and relatively potent in magickal workings. ...See More


This naturally aromatic Full Moon Crystal Incense Potion will bring the power of magick and intent into your Full Moon spell workings and rituals. Sprinkle a small amount into your cauldron or heat and flame resistant vessel with a prepared charcoal disk. The aroma will intoxicate and fill the air, inside or out of doors, with lovely pure natural fragrance and the power of the Full Moon. Keep away from children and pets.

Herb Grinding Blessing

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