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Love this cowboy boot - minus the spurs...those things are cruel to a horse.

No philosophers so thoroughly comprehend us as dogs and horses. They see through us at a glance. ~Herman Melville

The most necessary thing for a cowboy: his hat! Meet live cowboys and hear cowboy songs and stories at our Wild West exhibit, coming in February!

Working boot in the stirrup with a small rowel spur. Spur rowels look "meaner" than they are, as the rotation tempers the touch on the horse. Spurs are worn sitting on the spur rest of the boot, with the buckle of the spur strap worn around the top of the foot. Some cowboys also added small metal Jingo Bobs or Jingle Bobs, (Pajados) near the rowel to create a jingling sound whenever the foot is moved.

boots and spurs If he's squattin' with his spurs on, he can't be a real cowboy.

Cowgirl's boots and spurs, by Jeff Vanuga

.Another common site here. Jingle spurs sing as husband wears them for riding. Each pair have a different tone of sound to enjoy. They are worn mainly for the enjoyment of the sound and never to hurt our horses.

most will never know the joy that come to you after working a day like this Photographer: Heather Kelly

Inspiración. Linette Gallagher, DAMA DE TRÉBOLES (La Esfera de los Libros 2009)

Ok, yes . . . sometimes we do wear boots and spurs, but not to the opera, the ballet or Old Warsaw restaurant.

blue jeans by picman1107 on flickr; "nothing like a guy in a pair of boots and wranglers."