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    • Kylee

      My mouth opened 1/4 of an inch before I started laughing. :) << I did the exact same thing AFTER reading this persons caption. *facepalm*

    • JeniLou Shrock

      'If you say gullible really slow it sounds like oranges' says my Pinteresting sister. 'Ggguuuulllliiiiiibbbbllleeee-no it doesn't' says my non-Pinteresting sister. And then at her we laughed!!

    • Maddie

      My mouth opened 1/4 of an inch before I started laughing. :) <--- it's funny Because I did exactly that as well lol

    • Kalie Bazzle

      Sanitaryum | Clean Funny Pics & Clean Humor. Apparently I'm gullible cause I fell for it :P lol

    • Kathi McKenzie

      Ah hahahahahahahhaha!!!!! Sanitaryum | Clean Funny Pics & Clean Humor

    • Pam Robertson

      funny quote - If you say "GULLIBLE" slowly it sounds like "ORANGES".

    • Nicole Babics

      Try it! I am so orange. I said it 3 times until I giggled.

    • Don Ehrhart

      Sanitaryum | Clean Funny Pics & Clean Humor

    • Michelle Roe

      Things to make you smile!

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    See we deserve medals - some days more than others! And why is this thing not a gold medal!!! ;) ha ha

    I can't xD

    lolol when I first saw this I thought she meant 10 more minutes of kissing! :x so I laughed when someone wrote. "This would be me xD" ...I was like, "whoa there!!!" Either way, both scenarios would be messed up! :D

    This also works for the definition of fangirl on Pinterest....<-- indeed. But I thought this was Amy Pond in the first picture.<<<<<this is perfect EXCEPT SHE'S WEARING AN OHIO STATE SWEATSHIRT!! I SWEAR SHE JUST RUINED IT

    OMG xD


    Happens to me all the time!



    happens all the time...

    So Chuck Norris is Voldemort? O_O

    Untitled (I told my therapist about you) by Mike Monteiro

    I wasn't the only one who thought that!!!!!!! XD


    Some guitarists' solo faces look like they've just realized they are holding some giant slug creature. LOL

    I would do this, but it's a little short, I do not look good in dresses, and I don't have any mens shirts.

    This is one of the funniest things I’ve seen in a while // funny pictures - funny photos - funny images - funny pics - funny quotes - #lol #humor #funnypictures

    Japanese lipstick mask guides lipstick application, Finally sais Batman's Joker actor, Movie, that's why my lipstick is smeared, So funny! :D

    I have never looked at that white tent-y thing and called it a gazebo... The things you learn on Pinterest.