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Use this poster to help your students find their "just right" book. Great for use in daily 5.

Super Text Detectives- Find text evidence and color-code it to prove your answers! This is REALLY helping my students answer questions more carefully! $

Show Me the Evidence strips: These have great evidence stems to help your kiddos cite specific evidence in their written responses/discussions. Just print and cut down the middle. (Free)

"stop and jot reading strategy"- a reading strategy to help students to pay attention to what they are reading while taking notes on what they learn, don't understand, or find interesting

It would be very helpful for students if posters like these were posted either on the walls by the classroom library, or used in the library at each genre. Students would subtly learn what each genre consists of if they see these images everyday, and could eventually figure out what genre they enjoy reading most.

Whole class journals..each student can write in them on a certain topic and the class can read them at different time. Great 'I'm finished early' activity & Great for the writing center! Also for daily 5!

This is a good way to help students see the main idea of a nonfiction piece. It also helps them summarize a story so they can use this paper to reference the work later without searching the entire document again. Finally, it is a good way to show them that all good work has main points that are supported by details.

This is great...student draws his/her face and decorates a "Name poster" for above the picture, then student adds three reading goals that attach to their pictures. LOVE this! By the way, the blog is amazing. You'll find lots of ideas here!