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  • Amber Cohen

    travel packing idea

  • Julianna Corbett

    How to pack with one bag! Bundle Wrapping... so smart!

  • Cathy Guyer

    Bundle Wrapping, Illustrated. For packing light.

  • Julie Liu

    Bundle Wrapping - Travel Packing Tips

  • Kelsey Bland

    Packing tips for a long vacation! Roll up or fold your clothes like this! This is the best way to pack your suitcase. Put outfits tho ether and fold them like this that way it's way to pull out and all your folded clothes don't get messed up

  • Hannah Abry

    Packing like a Boss

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Organized. IF only I could learn to pack like this - it would be a huge blessing!! To my body - my neck - shoulders - the tear in my rotator cuff! Wow!!!

Who doesn't love a good infographic? This is a great strategy for packing wisely. | #traveltip #travel #tip

Great packing tip. I used to pack this way with the kids. Each day's outfit rolled up into a nice bundle; no searching for a matching "whatever". I also put the out fit in it's own gallon sized ziplock bag (marked with the day it would be worn) to help keep it rolled, then at the end of the day dirty closes go back into the bag and zipped up. No stinky clothes mixing with the fresh ones.

Travel tips for anywhere! These are great, especially for ladies who may be prone to over packing!