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  • Patrick Curbishley

    Love note on the grooms tie! I think if you could get it stitched in rather than using a marker it would be even cuter. (father of the bride note too?)

  • Joanna

    Love note inside groom's tie. Love the idea in that every time he wears it from then on he will be reminded of our wedding day and hopefully it makes his day a bit brighter:)

  • brittany bischoff

    i love this...the bride signs the grooms tie and the groom signs the brides shoes... could also be your something blue if you use blue pen.

  • Amanda Nordmeyer

    Love Note Wedding Tie

  • kacey sheldon

    gotta remember this one :) could do it for father of the bride too

  • Avni Sharma

    Cute idea - the bride gets the groom's tie as a wedding gift and write a sweet message for him.

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