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    Ann Coulter: ‘I officially hate’ Todd Akin Liar liar pants on fire...HA! No one, not even dem pubs falling off the edge of an cliff want to be associated with the liar with his/her pants caught pulled down to dem ankles...HA!

    Saggy Pants Ban

    Perfectly Lubricated Liar: Mitt Romney Gives Another Shallow Foreign Policy Speech

    Black man is the symbol of poverty, mental inferiority, This is what dem pubs say to get the American folks riled up and divided. These are our world leaders pushing racial discourse in our faces....what do we do like idiots? Take the bait, call one another names, continuously fight amongst ourselves and one another. All along they are robbing the coffers of the American taxpayers by spending our taxpayer dollars. By the time we realized we all had been had....blame the black guy

    ▶ Councilwoman Crystal Evans Gloucester Township New Jersey - Tent City - YouTube I do remember this moment in the trenches in Camden, New Jersey. Hence, the people in New Jersey voted for Governor Chris Christie. Obviously dem peeps believe he is doing his job?

    6-16-2015 1-02-45 PM

    Huckabee: Chick-Fil-A ‘Smeared By Vicious Hate Speech And Intolerant Bigotry’

    The 25 (and Counting…)

    $300 Billion Trade Deficit with China for 2011 is Biggest Ever Between Two Countries; Consumer Goods and Automobiles Accounts for 82% of Overall Trade Gap « Buy American Challenge