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Ships of The first Fleet

Paper Ship Template - First Fleet

Using research about the First Fleet Ships my Year 4 students made these 2D models.

Free! First Fleet Ship Art Lesson from Artventure by Artventure. Artventure.com.au is where kids learn to draw and paint by following along with Kirsty the artist. Perfect for use in schools due to its links to the Australian National Curriculum.

My Year 4 class built this 'Ghost Ship' from the first fleet. The sails are their written accounts as child convicts on board the ship from England to Australia.

Horrible First Fleet

The route of the First Fleet

▶ First Fleet - Behind the News - YouTube

Youtube - First Fleet Arives 1788

It's time to play with your food! Try this fruity snack sailboat for an easy after school treat.

first fleet and Explorers activities and links

History Detective

This is a collection of 6 PowerPoint presentations on Ancient Civilizations: • Ancient Chinese Dynasties 61 pages • The Ancient Egyptians 64 pages • Ancient Rome 31 pages • Ancient India 64 pages • Ancient Greek Civilisation 50 pages • Spartan Society 18 pages A total of 288 slides. Great resource for anyone teaching Ancient History.

First Fleet Online

Drawing one of the First Fleet ships for our inquiry into Australian History. Stained with coffee to age.

This website created by the 'First Fleet Fellowship', a historical society provides information on the First Fleet. The website covers information on the voyage, the ships of the first fleet, and a list of provisions and Livestock. The website provides basic information in an area lacking good quality content on the internet.

First Fleet Wonders and what we found out

The First Fleet 1787

FIRST FLEET SHIPS. Has a collection of paintings of the First Fleet ships

The Encounter 1802

first fleet 3/4 blog