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Hochdorf Method (pebble weave)

Weaving! Really cool.

Brickvävning Tablet weaving Birkaband

Diy weaving

Weaving jiyek

The pattern draft for the Celtic Knot pickup pattern. Huge thanks to NorseGirl for her clear instructions here. #inkle weaving #celtic knot

Tablet Weaving Lesson #1 - Simple Diamond pattern in backstrap method. Very well explained as well as a method to store the project.

Herringbone weave on Weave-It loom

This tabletwoven band from Latvia is made using only two threads for the design. Thread a light color in hole A and a dark color in hole C. (Holes B and D remain empty.) The borders are threaded in one color in all four holes and are turned continuously forward. The design tablets must be turned two turns, which will bring the dark thread up; the direction is shown by the "white" arrows. Row 33 is the same as row 1. Draft and Photos Copyright2001 Inese Krumina

Weaving patterns

Instead of hemstitching, try using the Cavandoli knot to finish your pieces. #weaving

4-shaft, 4-treadle

Tablet Weaving Patterns 2

Tablet Weaving Patterns 2

Tablet weaving

Tablet Weaving Patterns

nail loom weaving

Antlers Tablet Weaving Pattern


weaving a rainbow

Tablet Weaving Patterns by Bonnie Datta on web archive. Every design presented here consists of two parts, the pattern and the virtual weaving. Includes Ram's Horn, Egyptian Diamonds, 3/1 twill, Snartemo