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This is one of the few moments that Disney shattered my life...

remember the titans, then and now. Um, what happened there, Gerry? Ryan gets more and more attractive the older he gets. 😍

One of the best flicks from my childhood. And yes, I CAN quote it word-for-word

I love this so much. Maybe one of these days I'll paint my own version of a Disney character.

Just watched Tangled. I know every word, all the sound effects, and songs by heart. I love how this picture illustrates what probably happened as they waited for the King and Queen. I can just hear Eugene saying "It's okay. You're home. Everything will be okay."

I held this up to my daughter and said, "What's this from, Emmy?" She gasps and says, "Mommy! That's from Tangled!!" That's my Disney girl ;)

Rapunzel: Something brought you here, Flynn Rider. Call it what you will... fate... destiny... Flynn Rider: A horse. ~ Tangled!!

Tangled! Stay calm it can probably smell fear!