This genius stage design by Austin Whelan and his boss at Hope Church in Dallas, Georgia looks like it cost thousands to put together. In truth, it cost about $500. Awesome, eh? They put this together for their 7th annual Hands of Hope community outreach project. The X’s were put together using PVC pipe and then wrapped with a very thin cloth. The walls have aluminum sheeting that you can purchase at Home Depot. Then the bottom square panels are actually garage doors that were donated. Th...

Love the Umbrella of Hope idea here. Could also be great for a kids church ocean theme (jellyfish)

Beaming stage design

Change to infinite symbol and LOVE with the O in the form of the crown of thorns

Paper-Chains Stage

Hex Wall

Beaming | Church Stage Design Ideas... Metal sheet with lighting behind it.. simple, but cool :0

They accomplished this design with air filters, duct tape, and some LED lighting. Benjamin bought 76 air filters ($1.30 each). Then he bought 12 rolls of duct tape ($3.40 each). Total cost: $140.

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stage design

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Northland church in Orlando. Their walls, floors, etc are neutral and they change up the feel of the room with lighting, ceiling drapes (as shown). This was their Easter service

They has a 27′ x 90′ space to fill, so they chose window-screening material. They purchased the screening in 25′ rolls (4′ wide), unrolled them and wrinkled it up. No cutting necessary! They hung the screens with zip ties and lit them with American DJ – LED Megabars. The materials (not lights) cost $450 and the whole set took only 2 of us 3 hours to setup. Awesome!

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paint cans and light bulbs - another cool idea for the youth room!

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Instead of pallets of wood - what about fabric or banners with the words of Advent on them.


columns from wood and butcher/kraft paper. They painted words on the paper and cut the sheets to various sizes (2′-9′).

I would love to set up a mobile version of this. I wonder what the wire is...

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