Sexy Sizzler 2: Strength: Leaner Lunge Stand with legs staggered, left leg in front, knees bent and center of band under left foot; grab handle with right hand, left hand on hip, torso turned to left (as shown). Rise, straightening both legs and rotating hips forward; extend right hand overhead. Lower to return to start. Do 20 reps. Switch sides; repeat. Works: shoulders, back, abs, obliques, butt, legs

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Drop 10 Toner: Side Slimmer Step 1 Stand with feet hip-width apart. Keeping right foot planted and right leg straight, step left leg to side, bending left knee to come into a side lunge with toes forward, hands clasped at chest, elbows out (as shown). WORKS ABS, OBLIQUES, HIPS, BUTT, THIGHS Get the Drop 10 Toning Workouts!

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Sexy Sizzler 3: Strength: "T" for Toned Place center of band underneath right foot; hold opposite end in left hand. Extend right arm above head; slowly extend left leg behind you, dropping chest until you create a line from fingertips to toes parallel to ground. Extend left arm behind you (as shown); bend elbow and repeat; do 20 reps. Repeat on opposite side. "To hold a move a little longer when my muscles burn, I'll think, Feel your body changing." Works: triceps, back, hips, butt, leg...

Sexy Sizzler 2: Core: Bicycle Mega Burner Lie faceup with hands behind head, elbows out, legs lifted, knees bent over hips. Extend right leg and twist upper body to left side (as shown), reaching right elbow toward left knee. Hold, and do 10 small pulses; repeat on opposite side for 1 set. Do 5 sets. Works: abs, obliques


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